'Exotische dieren in historisch Amsterdam' (exotic animals in historic Amsterdam),
published in 2017 by Amsterdam University Press, tell the fascinating stories of ten animal species that were
brought to Amsterdam in the seventeenth and eighteenth century: how they survived the months long journeys
on the ships, and what happened to them when they finally arrived.
Author and illustrator: Ria Winters

In 2009 Ria Winters visited Mauritius with the goal to render and portray the island's endemic wildlife.
'A Treasury of endemic fauna of Mauritius and Rodrigues', published in 2011, is the result of that project.
The book describes the stories of the island's dissapeared wildlife and how some species were miraculously
saved from the brink of extinction. Each species is vividly depicted in watercolour or oil paint.
Author and illustrator: Ria Winters